Meet CS Jiu Jitsu

Carlos Sapão

Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, 4th Degree

“Passion is only one word to describe how much I love what I do.”

It all began in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil at the age of 6. Despite his young age, Carlos knew jiu jitsu was his calling. The next two decades were spent traveling the globe winning gold medals and creating lasting friendships through martial arts. 


 Now with over 32 years experience, Carlos focuses on sharing his knowledge with burgeoning martial artists. 

Our Vision

Our mission is to serve the people, empower individuals and create safe communities through positive martial arts education.

We believe martial arts prepares individuals for society. They learn self-control and mutual respect. Through consistent training, they develop rapid problem solving abilities and life safety skills. 

We believe respect can be established without violence-with education and love.

We believe everyone has the right to learn safety skills, to live free and pursue happiness.  

​​​CS Jiu Jitsu proudly supports:

LGBTQ Communities

First Responders

Active & Veteran Military

ALL races
ALL religions
ALL countries of origin
ALL sexual orientations
ALL genders
ALL ethnicities
ALL abilities